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Markus Michnik


Hello there, I’m Markus. My entire professional life has been spent dedicated to developing great IT solutions within different industries. For every project my goal is always to create the best possible solution tailored for each individual user need. Taking an holistic approach to the whole IT lifestyle ensures a quality IT strategy that my customers can maintain and easily expand upon in the future.

Every team member is an essential part of the project’s success, regardless if from either the IT or business side. My broad knowledge of working within different industries including automotive, legal and advertising has helped me to fully understand the various needs of each individual business. In addition, my experience in working within most IT areas, such as product management, software developing, business analysis and testing allows me to resolve issues in different aspects of the software lifecycle and working hand in hand with all kinds of experts.

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Process oriented

I am convinced that great products rely on great processes, either through business or development. My work always focuses on how seamlessly the product fits into the business process and ultimately to the satisfaction of their end users.

Improve people's daily life

I’m positive that strong IT is a powerful attribute in ensuring that businesses and daily life runs as smoothly as possible. Why not use great products, which address the real needs of people in the most efficient way to enable your company to grow as fast as possible?

Sometimes less is more

I always believe that a clean and less complex design brings more value and joy to the end user. This is an integral part of binding customers to your product encouraging them to use it more frequently and ensuring repeat visits.


Digital Transformation

You like to do the next step with your business or like to become more efficient? I'm happy to support you in your digital transformation by analysing your processes, showing you implementation options and strategies and helping you bringing it alive.

IT Project Management

You want to develop software with your great IT team but need support managing the project? With significant previous experience I consider myself an expert in enabling teams to deliver software at the right time with the best possible quality.

Business Analysing

You have a great idea but are not sure if it’s worth starting a business with it? I will guide you through analysing your idea, the market and help you bring it alive.

UX/UI Design

Your users have sometimes difficulty navigating your existing software? I will help you find the right design and process flow so that your product is more intuitive and user friendly.

Fullstack Development

You need help bringing your ideas to life? I can support you in backend and frontend developing. My supporting technologies are Java, Angular JS and Ruby on Rails.

Data Analysis

You have a lot of data but have no idea how to utilise it? I can help you to gain value from your data, generating insights into how and where you can improve your product.


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